Your Cruise Ship

Discover the unexpected 

For a special summer adventure in 2022, cruise to the Arctic with one of our smaller, more intimate ships. Exclusively for adults, Aurora offers a blend of luxury and style as it sails to a mixture of classic destinations and hidden gems. With itineraries of up to 21 nights available, you can enjoy plenty of time to soak up the extravagance on board and get the ultimate adventure in Iceland and Norway ashore.

Your Ship Highlights
  • Adults Only Cruise Ship
  • Smaller, More Intimate Cruise Ship
  • See Extraordinary Entertainment At Every Turn
  • Feel Good With Spa, Wellness & Salon Services
  • Enjoy Incredible Wining & Dining At Great Venues
  • Get Active With Jogging, Swimming, Dancing & More!



Southampton, UK

Kirkwall, Orkney Island

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland (Overnight)

Isafjordur, Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

Eyjafjordur, Iceland

Hrisey Cruise-by, Iceland

Honningsvaag, Norway

North Cape (cruise-by), Norway

Alta, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Leknes Lofoten Islands, Norway

Kristiansund, Norway

Alesund, Norway

Southampton, UK